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The Mig-7 is a scale R/C Aircraft constructed primarily of corrugated plastic and ply wood.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Armstrong Whitworth "Whitley MK.V"

With a Zagi escort.

Give her a steady "SHOVE"

Morne getting the feel of things.

Just checking too see if there was enough lift.

Morne and I setting up.

A Southerly wind of 23Km was predicted for Saturday 16 January 2010 peaking at 14h00, Maitlands, Port Elizabeth. What came through was half, if not less. But this was perfect for me and the Bomber. She was scaled from a 3 view by Neville Jones and myself. We roughed out the blank sizes for the polystyrene and placed the order. It came to R700.00. Long gone are the days of getting off-cut scraps for free. It took us 4 months to hot wire, shape, sand and cover with newsprint and cold glue. Sprayed with Duco Automotive Paints. AUW = 7.5 Kg of which 1.3 Kg is nose weight. Span 3,3m. One servo on each control surface. Thanx to Morne, for the great launch, and all the other guys who assisted to keep an eye on the paragliders. I will be loading a video clip soon. Thanx to Markus and Johann for flying a Correx Zagi and Electric Mig-7 respectively, to provide some scale. You might notice the port side spinner missing in some shots. Markus came a little too close and we had a mid-air. The Bomber did not budge, the Zagi dropped but Markus did well to recover without hitting the deck. And yes , she flies as good as she looks!! Sean.

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