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This Blog is all about the building and flying of the Correx Mig-7 originally designed by Dave West

The Mig-7 is a scale R/C Aircraft constructed primarily of corrugated plastic and ply wood.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Maitland Mig-7 Fly-In

Sean, Bertus and Alain ready to launch.

CONTACT!!!!...and Markus takes Sean out, does a roll and gets the KILL!!

Only six of the nine.

Below, Morne's electric.

Below, Johanns Red Bull.

Below, Mikes Zaggi.

Below, Alain flying the only Mig with rudder.

Below, Ashley's Mig on a HIGH!!

The beautifull colors of Markus' Mig below.

Below, Johanns electric.

And Mikes Mazda ZOOM ZOOM.

During the week I saw the wind prediction for the weekend. Since I was off, from work, I quickly rounded up a squadron of Migs. Planed a Fly-in and crossed thumbs. We had a very good turnout. There were in excess of 12 Migs. But since there were less pilots that Migs, The electrics had to sit out this round. Daron was also there, but not in spirit, as he was in the bush looking for his Jart, which is still there somewhere. The wind was a tad more West that we would have liked, but the strength and lift was plenty. Thanx to ALL who came and supported, if not fly, your presence there was much apprecieted. Here are SOME pics, I will load more tomorrow. Watch this space.
These photo's were taken by

Hanno Prinsloo


Please pay his page a visit as he just happened to be at the slope when I needed someone to take the team photo...and a good one it is.

Thanx again Hanno.



  1. Now you are really making me jealous - wish I was back in SA

  2. Come on over, join the fun!! :-)