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This Blog is all about the building and flying of the Correx Mig-7 originally designed by Dave West

The Mig-7 is a scale R/C Aircraft constructed primarily of corrugated plastic and ply wood.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jart with SMOKE!!

OK!, so we will go off the Migs just for a short post about smoke. We have been trying some methods of making our own, but have not got the formulae right yet. Bakkie imported some and we fixed it to a Jart. It looked AWESOME!!

Welcome Bretton.

We have another member, Bretton! Welcome, hope you have many hours flying with us! Bretton built his Mig to the original size Dave West designed for a 25 size glo engine. Looks great Bretton, well done!!

OoooPs Barry!

Barry had a great fly on the slope with his electric Mig untill he lost orientation for a second. He went down and hit the only guy in the bush, who was busy recovering his own plane, Shaun. Well Shaun did'nt seem to have taken the hit to bad. However Barry's Mig snapped in half!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Road trip.

Above, Gamtoos.

The wind was SCREAMING on top of the hill.

...and cold!!


The Jart would have loved it!!

Strong, cold wind!!!!

Pine tree plantation.

Mist moving in quickly


We flew the right V.

Some scenic shots.

Bakkie giving a good launch!

First stop at a cellphone tower above Patensie.

Bakkie and I went on a road trip to Patensie to look for inland slopes. We did plenty kilo's and flew less. In the end we landed up at Maitlands.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby Birds

Spring has sprung and the little baby birds have arrived.


Mike with his latest addition to his hangar a EPP Swift.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Secret weapon for finding lost RC aircrafts

Hi Guys: Have you seen our latest weapon for finding lost RC aircrafts?

We call Sean the Bloodhound!