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This Blog is all about the building and flying of the Correx Mig-7 originally designed by Dave West

The Mig-7 is a scale R/C Aircraft constructed primarily of corrugated plastic and ply wood.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A perfect sloping day

Every now and again along comes a day with perfect conditions. The wind blows straight up the slope creating incredible lift perfect for RC sloping.

Well, this was one of these perfect days, wind, as Sean likes to say, as smooth as a baby’s breath. Sean, Morne, Breton and I took full advantage of these conditions at Maitlands.

It was great fun cruising low along the ridge. We were trying all sorts of tricks: spot landing, formation and combat flying and touch and go’s off the road behind the ridge.

We flew our self dizzy well into the evening and even were treated to a spectacular African sunset.

Below is a sequence of photos to give you guys some idea of what I am talking about.

Enjoy the photos


Check the links for video clips of the touch and go!!