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This Blog is all about the building and flying of the Correx Mig-7 originally designed by Dave West

The Mig-7 is a scale R/C Aircraft constructed primarily of corrugated plastic and ply wood.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Francios Allison

I received this picture of a good looking Mig from Francois Allison.

This is what he writes:

Here is my Mig in her natural fynbos habitat.
We're running a build-a-thon on Tuesday evenings with 6 more Migs in the making.
There is a pretty decent slope here in Langebaan.

Well welcome Francios to our Mig world enjoy flying this fun plane and remember pictures are always welcome here.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sean's new Mig

So here is the Mig Sean built at Jims group meeting. He has not flown it yet. AUW is 1100g at 1320mm span.

Fantastic graphics - very well done Sean!



That black creature in some photos is Sean's new pilot. She is practising for inverted flight